Paint Chip Repair Kit



IF you can "catch" your fingernail in a scratch or chip, this Kit AND touch up paint (either the manufactures touch up paint or touch up paint purchased directly from us) is all you need to repair unsightly paint chips, including ROAD RASH and deep scratches.

Packaged in a decorative clamshell for easy storage and with complete directions. Purchasing this kit will save you 25% (vs. buying the items individually).

The Kit includes:

  1. The original "The Blob Eliminator" (2oz) (enough to do 40-50 chips)
  2. PREPAINT (2oz) for cleaning the chips prior to applying touch up paint
  3. Paint Sealant (2oz) to protect and seal the finished repair
  4. MicroBrush (3) a unique and versatile applicator for applying touch up paint to INDIVIDUAL chips OR a hundred ROAD RASH chips OR for paint application for deep scratches. This applicator allows more paint to be applied to "fill" chips/scratches better than any other application process. OR you can smear paint as need when repairing ROAD RASH . Filling the damaged areas is critical for achieving the the best repair on your vehicle.
  5. Plastic Squeegie Card (1) a unique card used in this process for a better quality of repair.
  6. Micro-fiber Cloth (1) for wrapping around the plastic card

 Individual items can be resupplied as needed.

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