How It Works

How it Works

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1.  For repairing ROAD RASH or individual chips or deep scratches, use our PrePaint (included in the Paint Chip Repair Kit) to clean the area and provide better adhesion for the touch up paint.  

2.  Apply paint using a Microbrush (included in the Paint Chip Repair Kit) to  [1] FILL individual Chips or Scratches with manufacturers touch-up paint or  [2] SMEAR the paint if repairng ROAD RASH. Allow the touch up paint to dry to the touch - typically 5 minutes for smeared paint OR 2 hours up to 24 hours when repairing individual chips or scratches.  (NOTE: European vehicles: 2 hours, USA vehicles: 4 hours, Asian vehicles: 4-24 hours).   When repairing individual chips or scratches, this will leave the typical "blob" of touch-up paint visible on the surface as diagrammed.  Apply 2nd or 3rd coat if necessary. 

3.  Remove the Excess Paint: Wrap a smooth, clean, tightly woven cotton cloth (available in our Paint Chip Repair Kit around your finger or the enclosed "plastic card".  SHAKE WELL and apply the Blob Eliminator generously to the flat surface.  Rub over the "blob" or smeared paint for 15-30 seconds allowing the Blob Eliminator to quickly penetrate and begin removing the excess paint.  Once the touch-up paint begins to appear on the cloth, begin rubbing lighter until the excess paint is gone and the paint is left inside the chip/scratch.  Lightly hand-buff to remove any residue on the vehicle immediately with a clean cloth or microfibre towel.    You're done!    It's that easy, fast and it's permanent.

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