Honda NH677P, NH677P-4
Aspen White Pearl


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$39.95 Value! This Paint comes with Two ounces of Automotive Touch Up Paint. One ounce of Base Coat and One ounce of Mid Coat.

Your vehicle was painted with a Tri-coat paint and therefore we will ship you two (2) bottles of paint. One is the Base coat, the other is the Mid coat.

Clean the area (chip or scratch) with rubbing alcohol and let dry. To assist you in applying these paints we have included an applicator tool we use in the trade. They are called Micro-Brushes and are yellow (or purple if you buy a 25 pack). You can purchase additional ones on our website Here.

1st Coat: Apply the Base coat using the Wet Method ( Allow to dry (estimate drying time is 2-24 hours).

2nd Coat: Apply the Mid Coat using the Wet Method ( Allow to dry (estimate drying time is 2-24 hours).

3rd Coat (optional): You may apply a Clear Coat (not included) over these two layers if you wish. (Available on our website)

The end result is two (2) layers (and a 3rd if you apply a Clear coat) of paint now covering the damaged area. Typically there will be a “Blob” of paint (two layers of paint) now covering the area.

Note: In the future, for a more professional repair, smooth down the excess blobs of paint between coats with our Blob Eliminator at AND specifically using this method at

LANGKA Paints use only the highest quality toners for closer color match, durability, ease and speed of repair. You won't need putty or to spend time applying many layers from watered down paints.

Honda NH677P, Honda NH677P-4
Aspen White Pearl