Paint Sealant 8oz

Paint Sealant 8oz

Paint Sealant 8oz


Our Carnauba & Polymer formula is a long lasting polymer sealant.  It resist Acid Rain, is a Low Dust Formula and can be used on Paint or Chrome.  Paint Sealant is our durable, long-lasting sealer/polish that will seal your optically clean paint with a protective shield.

Note: Prior to using LANGKA Paint Sealant you should use our Finesse V to further enhance the paints clarity.  Once completed, you are ready for Paint Sealant.  Paint Sealant is the highest quality co-polymers seal available and will protect your paint up to 18 months from degradation caused by UV light, acid rain, bird dropping etchings, etc.

It is a delight to apply and spread over the vehicles surface.  Our low dust formula readily allows it to be applied by hand OR with a dual-action orbital buffer, a high-speed polisher fitted with a polishing pad.  When completed, water will form into tiny droplets, indicative of a well sealed paint surface, and with time, the depth of the paint color will increase to its maximum quality.

Washing your vehicle will be so much easier as dirt and grime will float off the surface (be sure to use LANGKA Auto Bath Shampoo each time).  And to maintain the Show room shine, be sure to use LANGKA Quick Shine

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