Detailed Instructions

Method 2: The SQUEEGIE Method or WET Method

We use this method for repairing many different paint issues, such as:
1.  Deep scratches
2.  Metallic paints
3.  Applying Clear Coat over a shallow scratch
4.  Paints that seem to dull or loose their shine and
5.  If you keep pulling the paint out of the scratch or a chip using Method 1. 

This method is very simple to do and can be done quickly.   Just remember, you do this while the freshly applied touch up paint is still WET... i.e., the "WET" Method.

Step 1: Cleaning the Area

It is preferred to use our PrePaint (included in the Paint Chip Repair Kit)to clean the chip or scratch of wax or other contaminants.   Just apply PrePaint to a soft cloth and rub over each chip to be repaired.   Rinse with water or a damp cloth. Then dry the area to be repaired.

Step 2: Appling/Dry time

1. Applying Touch up Paint
Apply a drop of the touch up paint using a Micro brush to the end of the scratch (or chip).
2.  Drying Time Issues:

ZERO Drying time: Remember, with this method, you are NOT going to let the paint dry (as in our "DRY" method).  Rather, you are going to continue doing this repair IMMEDIATELY after you have you have squeegied the paint down the scratch or over the chip. .

  Before Squeeging the Paint

Lightly rest the plastic card's edge onto the vehicle painted surface and draw the paint down the scratch or over the chip.

  After Squeeging the Paint

 It's sort of like spreading butter on toast with a knife.  You have now filled the scratch with paint, and in this process will have also spread (smeared) paint on both sides of the scratch or chip.  Again, at this point, you will have wet paint in the scratch and smeared paint on both sides of the area.  Not to worry!  :-)

Step 3:  Removing the Excess

While the smeared paint is still wet, wrap a clean cloth over your index finger, and soak the cloth with the Blob Eliminator included in the Paint Chip Repair Kit.  Using your finger/cloth, carefully wipe off (surgically as possible) the excess "wet" smeared paint that you smeared on the surface of your vehicle, again, while it is still wet.  Try NOT to rub over the still wet touch up paint residing in the scratch or chip.  If you do disturb the wet paint in the scratch or chip...just go back to Step 2 and start over.  No big deal.

NOTE:  if you did a really good job removing the ALL the smeared paint from the edges of the scratch/chip, then you can go to Step 4!

IF you did NOT remove all the smeared paint from the surface, just allow the paint (the paint that you could not initially remove and the wet paint in the scratch) to dry.  In 2 to 4 hours wrap the plastic card with a smooth, clean, cotton cloth, apply The Blob Eliminator to the cloth/card, and smooth down any remaining paint along the edges of the scratch.

IF you pull paint out of the scratch, just reapply paint (Step2) and repeat the steps, be more gentle the next time... this is the "finesse" aspect we mentioned earlier.

Step 4:  Sealing the Repair

LANGKA Paint Sealant (included in the Paint Chip Repair Kit) is used to seal the repaired chip or scratch.  It provides UV protection and enhances the shine.  Just wipe on, let dry, and the wipe off the area.

You're done!

IF you would like, you may also wax the area 24 hours after completing the repair.  However, "wax" is old-school technology as compared to the new Paint Sealants, the same product you just used to complete this repair.   You can purchase larger quantities on our website of this Paint Sealant.

Other Considerations:

We recommend using our special (extremely smooth) 8"x8" microfiber cloth (included in the Paint Chip Repair Kit).  Do not use a terry cloth or anything that does not have a smooth surface.  As an alternative you can use an old bed sheet, pillow case because the material is tighter woven (as compared to a T-shirt material).  Be sure the cloth is large enough so you can wrap it around the blue card and hold the card and cloth securely.  Again, be sure the card/cloth surface is smooth (wrinkle free).

B. CLEAR COATING the Repair: Optional

IF your touch up paint is provided in one bottle, it is NOT normally necessary to apply a clear coat final layer when doing this repair.

However, some paint manufacturers are now providing two bottles, the paint (color) and a clearcoat.  IF that is the case, a popular method for using clear coat is this:  Mix the paint and clear coat in a 1:1 ratio (using a paper ketchup cup from a local fast-food restaurant for mixing in).  Apply the "mixture" as directed.  Allow to dry, then remove the excess "mixture-blob" if necessary with The Blob Eliminator.   NOTE:  If after doing this and you still think it needs a final layer of clear coat, then apply the clear coat layer.   IF a blob results, you can smooth it down with the Blob Eliminator.

Another situation that may require a final clear coat layer is this:    IF the chip is large and the remaining paint in the chip appears "dull" (this can happen with some metallic colors), you can apply clear coat to the repaired chip.

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